gphoto - github migration status


github not in production yet. Details are being worked on.

Website status

website status running on sourceforge the current production site migrating to Github Pages from custom PHP templates

Source code repository status

repository name github repo
build from
git repo
doc refers
to git
svn on git on github
website yes OK 80% OK website
m4 gphoto-m4 testing OK OK OK essential
libgphoto2 libgphoto2 testing OK OK OK
gphoto2 gphoto2 testing OK OK OK
gphotofs gphotofs testing OK OK OK important
gtkam gtkam testing OK OK OK
gphoto2-manual gphoto2-manual testing OK OK 20%
libgphoto2-python libgphoto2-python testing OK OK OK less
libgphoto2-sharp libgphoto2-sharp testing OK OK OK
libgphoto2-java libgphoto2-java testing OK TBD OK outdated
gphoto-suite gphoto-suite testing OK TBD TBD

OK: Work finished. WIP: Work In Progress. TBD: To be done.

Remarks on specific repos


The things we have to do for migrating the source code from subversion repos on to git repos at

Pull requests welcome.

Before final migration to git repos

Before or after final migration to git repos

Not having these done at the time of the "switchover" incurs a day or two of something approaching a downtime.

After final migration to git repos

Some time, done easiest with git instead of svn